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Explain yourselves Sorin

Letter to the Editor | Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I’m sure this is precisely what you want: A rise out of us W.I.L.D. women in response to another whiney protest of Sorin College (Should I remind you that you walked out on Bon Jovi?). While you eloquently attempt to state your case, it is downright nonsensical and avoids the actual reasoning of another immature reason why you hate Walsh. I, myself, have experienced the animosity of Sorin towards Walsh for what seems no reason, as you launched water balloons at our flag football team while we innocently walked to the Grotto. Clearly, something big must have occurred between the dorms for such a war to be waged, but it has confused me since I’m only a freshman.

Curious to find the answer, I asked fellow freshmen that reside in Sorin why exactly we’re their disliked neighbors. Their response? “They tell us first day, ‘That’s our neighbor, Walsh. We don’t like them'” And simply, that’s all. While I’ve heard a rumor that the disagreement is based merely upon a breakup gone bad between a Walsh girl and Sorin boy, which occurred before any of us attended Notre Dame, I feel these vicious allegations had to be stirred by some other reason because a breakup surely does not equal hatred. I’d rather you dislike us for something logical, perhaps vandalizing your dorm or slandering the name of Sorin College (please don’t claim that a “lame” request for a game of assassins is the answer because that is equally lame).

So, tell me Sorin, did we Walsh girls spray graffiti upon your walls during a late night plan to vandalize your abode? Or maybe it was all those viewpoints we sent in to The Observer out of the blue, claiming the worst of your dorm. In all seriousness, please explain why you dislike us so much, breakup and petty excuses aside. I won’t speak on behalf of my entire dorm like a certain someone, but keep your giant hand off our front steps. If you stop making up reasons to dislike us, perhaps you’ll learn that you love your old sister dorm.

Margaret Kowieski



March 30