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Grab a Solo Cup and Celebrate the Return of “Greek”

Caitlin Ferraro | Monday, March 30, 2009

The second round of season two of “Greek” returns tonight as we find our favorite Cyprus-Rhodes’ students returning from summer. Read on for a quick recap of the end of Rusty’s tumultuous freshman year, and to find out what to expect from the whole gang this semester. For those new to ABC Family’s hit, the show follows a super social sister, Casey Cartwright (Spencer Grammer) and her awkward, nerdy brother Rusty (Jacob Zachar) as they both navigate college life and the Greek system. “Greek” also follows the Cartwright’s relationships and those of their friends, enemies and the occasional “frenemy.” In October, “Greek” left viewers with many things up in the air. The relationship between Casey and Max (Michael Rady) was in limbo. Faithful viewers will know that Casey has had her share of men over the course of the show. When we first met the blonde Zeta Beta Zeta (ZBZ) girl, she was dating yuppie, Omega Chi member Evan Chambers (Jake McDorman). Then she ricocheted back to ex-boyfriend (and possible soul mate), Kappa Tau president Cappie (Scott Michael Foster). But just last season, Casey met Rusty’s geeky but actually hot R.A., Max. He ended up sweeping our girl off her feet with tales of a lost love and his passion for astronomy. But with his acceptance into graduate school at CalTech and Casey’s D.C. summer internship, where does that leave their blossoming love? And what does Casey’s internship mean for her future?In a startling twist, neither Casey nor evil Frannie (Tiffany Dupont) was elected ZBZ president. The honor instead went to Casey’s best friend Ashleigh (Amber Stevens), who was not even running. Will former social chair and goofy girl, Ash, be able to control the house? She can expect to meet difficulties along the way, especially after Frannie pulled a coup and decided to start her own house with a little help from the Chambers’ fortune. Meanwhile, will Rebecca (Dilshad Vadsaria) choose to leave ZBZ and follow Frannie? Or will she stay true to her ZBZ roots? Oh, the drama.And of course, what is our resident funnyman Cappie up to? Last season, he was burned by his failed relationship with Rebecca. And lately he seemed pretty upset about Max being Casey’s new beau. The last time viewers saw Cappie, he was being pretty harsh on Rusty during Hell Week, but will things lighten up now that Rusty is an official brother? Here’s to hoping that fun-loving Cappie will return in full form this season to deliver many more zingy one-liners and witty pop culture references to come.SPOILERS: Last season’s storylines could play out in any which way, but fans can also expect new threads to develop. “Greek” has previously attacked the issue of homosexuality by presenting the difficulties associated with Calvin’s (Paul James) acceptance as a gay fraternity member. This time around, Grammer confirmed in an interview that one ZBZ girl will have a crisis of sexuality. In other news, actor-singer Jesse McCartney has joined the cast as Andy, a high school pal of Calvin’s. As a highly coveted star football player, Andy causes conflict between Kappa Tau and Omega Chi. Of course Cappie and Evan always need new things to fight about. But surprisingly, McCartney’s character might also be bumping heads with our favorite engineer, Rusty, as they will be vying for the attention of the same girl. As for other romances, Ashleigh will get a new love interest played by Andrew West (“Privileged”). Grammer also revealed for those devoted Casey-Cappie shippers that their “will they or won’t they” relationship will come to a head in the season finale.Ken Marino (“Veronica Mars,” “Role Models”) will guest star in tonight’s premiere as a fellow summer camp counselor of Rusty’s. Viewers can excitedly anticipate the return of other scene-stealers, including Rusty’s former roommate, the hilarious uber-conservative Dale (Clark Duke), and Kappa Tau’s ultimate frat boy, The Beaver (Aaron Hill).Spend tonight and every Monday with your favorite fraternity brothers and sorority sisters by watching “Greek” on ABC Family at 8 p.m.