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Increase in tuition

Letter to the Editor | Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I read your story (“University increases tuition for 2009,” March 4) about the new increase in tuition with great sadness. The last time I attended Notre Dame, my last year, the tuition was $9,000, for law school.

In the 23 years since 1986, there have been increases yearly totalling 327 percent, for an average of 14 percent per year, or $29,477 more. I understand some costs will rise and you have to recoup them.

You cannot convince me that costs necessary to teaching students have risen at an annual rate far greater than any stock or bank would ever pay. Those rates have been paid on the backs of students and their families.

If the goal is to create an elite institution made up of rich eligible students, then we are well on the way. To say we are setting aside up to 10 percent for subsidies for need is spitting in the ocean.

Someone needs to say enough building – enough expansion. No more expansion – keep enrollment down, and here is a thought – reduce the tuition. If you are interested in building an endowment for the future, then set up one to cover tuition, or reduce it to the cost of state universities.

I would not raise this if I did not think there was value in a Notre Dame education. However, no student should start his adult career saddled with over $200,000 in college costs.

Michael H. Maguire


Class of ’74

Mar. 4