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Notre Dame not a static institution

Letter to the Editor | Sunday, March 29, 2009

Dear Dad,

In response to your Letter to the Editor that was published a few days ago entitled “Where do you draw the line?” (March 25), I would just have to say that your argument doesn’t follow a certain logic. Is it acceptable for us to silence discussion because an issue or person is controversial? Should we just choose to live in a “golden bubble,” pretending that views alternative to the Catholic Church do not exist? Should we just end all contact with those who have opposite views? I have had this argument with you many times and I believe that this should also be said to the many alumni who are writing in to The Observer, voicing their opinions. Notre Dame is not what it was when you attended. It never will be. The University has changed and evolved and it is the perogative of the University administration and the current student body to decide how the University will be defined. When Notre Dame had a mock election this past fall, Obama won with 52.6 percent of the almost 2700 votes.

So alumni, you may be giving the University money and therefore think that you have a say in how things run around here but we are the students now and we are the ones who should get to decide. It’s great to hear your opinions but “don’t be so self-absorbed,” as Barbara Volmert put it in her March 26 letter (“Take a stand”), as to think that your vote counts more than the students who are here.


Your adoring daughter and member of the class of 2010.

Ellen Rolfes


off campus

March 26