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Obama choice unacceptable

Letter to the Editor | Monday, March 23, 2009

I am a 1988 graduate of the University of Notre Dame who today is ashamed of that designation because of the choice of Barack Obama to deliver the commencement address. Mr. Obama during the presidential campaign made a promise to Planned Parenthood that his first priority as president would be to sign the Freedom of Choice Act, a piece of legislation so horrific that it would immediately strike down all state and federal laws regulating the murder of the unborn, remove licensing requirements for abortionists, deny those health care providers who choose to not violate their Hippocratic oath the right to refuse to murder an unborn child or participate in such and force taxpayer funding of the murder of the unborn. Since being elected, Mr. Obama has not wavered in his radical pro-abortion agenda, in keeping with his record in the Illinois senate of denying medical protection to infants surviving botched abortions. It is an undeniable fact that abortion is murder, and so Notre Dame has chosen a man to hold up as a role model who advocates the legal right to murder the most defenseless in society. How particularly ironic it is that a university named for a woman who risked being stoned for adultery in order to give birth to the Savior of the world as an unwed teenager would bestow such esteem upon this vile, hateful man.

I will be in attendance on commencement day with several thousand others to show my distaste for this decision. We will bring with us the graphic photos of what abortion does to its victims so there can be no doubt about the hatefulness of the man chosen to instruct Notre Dame graduates in how to be a success in life. I would suggest that if the administration does not want to suffer the embarrasment of pictures of dismembered children lining Notre Dame Ave. on what should be the happiest day of our newest graduates’ lives, they withdraw this invitation immediately.

Kevin Keane


class of 1988

March 20