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Personal responsibility, ladies

Letter to the Editor | Monday, March 2, 2009

I’m writing today to express my frustration with my sex on this campus. We’ve learned a lot lately about sexual assault, healthy relationships, etc.; it’s time to apply what we’ve learned, folks. To my ladies on campus: Stop complaining about your so-called “Notre Dating.” I was once told by a great movie that “every woman has the exact love life she wants.” I understand that sometimes innocents are taken advantage of, and that does happen … but seriously, ladies, it’s time to take some personal responsibility. You complain about those guys you can’t get to commit and that you can’t date people and you can’t get your ring by spring. Maybe you’re looking in the wrong place. Stop blaming every relationship problem you’ve ever had on guys. That is idiotic.

Let’s take the plunge and say you’re not getting the attention from your guy that you want. Fine, find someone else. There are plenty of fish in the sea, ladies. As they say, if you can’t love the one you want, love the one you’re with. I’m sure that there is that really sweet guy in Philosophy that has been giving you puppy dog eyes that you ignore constantly. Maybe give him a chance. Maybe he wants to be dating, too.

I write this to you all because I’m proud of the men and women this University educates and I think maybe you should get out of your usual social circles to find the people you can really connect with. I say this with almost four years behind me at this University. I’ve had the random hookups (they are a part of life … just get used to it), I’ve had the casual dating relationships, I’ve had more serious relationships and I’ve had broken hearts. It’s a part of finding the person you’re supposed to be with. So he hurt your feelings. It sucks. Get over it … play some Taylor Swift really loud and move on. Stop blaming someone else, take it as a part of life and a lesson and try again.

Also, if you’re going to complain about watching them play Halo, think of all the times that you have stolen the remote in his room (much to the chagrin of his roommates) and made him watch “Ace of Cakes” or “What Not to Wear.” Heck, learn how to play Halo. It’s not such a bad game. Now please … stop complaining about your love life in The Observer and take some personal responsibility.

Laura Godlewski


off campus

Feb. 27