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Risking it all

Letter to the Editor | Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I am ashamed of Notre Dame today. As a Saint Mary’s graduate, sibling, spouse and mother of Notre Dame alums and prospective students, you have crossed a line. President Obama is on record as saying “if my daughters get pregnant, I don’t want them punished because of a mistake.” President Obama supports FOCA, has already pledged my tax dollars to perform abortions overseas and has signed over money for stem cell research.

President Obama is in stark contrast to our Catholic teachings. This is not the same as inviting Ronald Reagan to speak when the opposition was anti-war, not the same as supporting Ford when Notre Dame was pressured to break ties because of Ford’s plant in South Africa. In those situations, Father Hesburgh thought it best to keep the other camp close so as to have some influence.

Your decision to invite President Obama to speak at Commencement is a slap in the face to Catholics and pro-life supporters who toil endlessly and donate hard-earned money to fight the pro-abortion movement in this country. By inviting Obama – in spite of his flagrant disregard for human life – you have everything to lose.

Catherine Kelly


Omaha, NE

March 23