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Time really is now

Letter to the Editor | Monday, March 2, 2009

In Dr. Greene’s thought-provoking article published on Wednesday, he listed a number of abominations affecting African- Americans since the beginning of our country. The list is, unfortunately, quite long and humiliating. But I think that Dr. Greene’s letter forgot the most humiliating abhorrence to ever disgrace the history of race in America. The thing he forgets took 14 million African American lives, averaging out to be 1,200 per day. It’s an event that goes against everything that Dr. Greene holds to be true about the American ideal – opportunity for all and equality. It’s a perversion that U.S. presidents from Johnson to Obama “condoned and supported – even if they only looked the other way.” And it’s still happening.

I’m not sure if Dr. Greene forgot that 1,200 African Americans are taken daily by abortion, or if that fact was edited out of his article. I hope the latter, but suspect the former. If he wants to speak honestly about race, let’s talk about how today, according to the CDC (where all of these facts have been gathered), for every 100 live African American births, there are 49.5 aborted African American children. Let’s talk about how more abortion clinics exist in minority areas than in white areas. The slave trade was a despicable example of human beings becoming commodities. But the abortion industry today, which nets a profit of many hundreds of millions of dollars per year, does exactly that. Taking the average price of an abortion at $300, $4.2 billion has been gained by the abortion of African Americans since 1971.

With this information, I must ask, what is the bigger abomination? Predatory lending? Limited numbers of blacks getting GI bills? Or genocide for profit? Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, once stated, “Colored people are like human weeds and are to be exterminated.” Is it any coincidence, then, that Planned Parenthood (a large recipient of government funds) alone performs 482,000 abortions on blacks per year? Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi stated in an interview just one month ago that “if we can rapidly reduce the number of poor people through abortion, that’s a net gain for federal and state budgets, and a fast track to economic recovery. Every poor baby prevented is like money in the bank.” Considering that minorities make up disproportionate numbers of the poor, are we really going to condone a system which reduces the number of the poor just so our state budgets have more money? Genocide should never be a piece of national policy. Minorities and minority rights are being sold for money, in a far more heinous and hidden system than slave traders created.

And so yes, Dr. Greene, we “cannot distance ourselves from a history of slavery of a different name.” When will we have an honest conversation about race? When will we all face the fact that our government agencies have been complicit in creating inequality and injustice in not just housing, education, and health care, but existence as well? The time is now, indeed.

Nathan Loyd



Mar. 2