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Why so serious?

Letter to the Editor | Monday, March 30, 2009

Recently a letter to the Observer’s Viewpoint section by Lori Hoetger was submitted that called into question the ranking of Bookstore Basketball names. I wanted to take the time to voice my concern over this travesty. I honestly believe, as well as others I have spoken with, that many of these names did not belong on this list. Team names about celebrities like Chris Brown, Rihanna, Donte Stallworth, or Plaxico Burress are not funny. They are absolutely hilarious, and should have been much higher.

Bookstore Basketball is a time to celebrate the start of Spring in South Bend (unless you played this weekend), and to review all of the recent occurrences in pop culture. As the captain of the #7 team “Unlike Rihanna, We Get Our Hands Up on Defense” and last year’s #1 “Heath Ledger’s Sleeper Pick”, I wish to complain about the lack of fanfare over a seemingly unprecedented back-to-back top 10 names.

In the end, my teammates (I am unsure about Brett) and I do not support domestic violence or drug overdoses, but we are in favor of laughter. If our team names bring a smile to ONE person’s face, then I am unbelievably satisfied. It is probably the greatest accomplishment in our short lives and I will not have people who claim to have a sense of humor, but then complain about it, take that away from us. If you think the name is funny, then laugh and move on. If you don’t think it is funny, than you’re probably one of the Domers I see in the Library on a Friday night when I stop into use the bathroom.

I look forward to next year when we try for an unthinkable Tom Emanski-type “Back to Back to Back” accomplishment. It’s not our fault that one fourth of women are involved in domestic abuse or that people can’t dismount their high horse and take a joke. In the word’s of the late Heath Ledger, “Why so serious?” Lori, you’re a Senior in College not a Senior citizen.

Boom, roasted!

Pat Cassidy



March 30