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A plane banner, really?

Letter to the Editor | Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dear Whoever Hired the Abortion Plane to Fly Around on Tuesday: You’re an idiot. Two reasons: 1) What, exactly, are you trying to accomplish? Was that a publicity stunt? Were you trying to raise awareness about the issue on campus? We are aware, believe me, we are so aware. Being in the epicenter of a firestorm of controversy will do that to you. Anyway, if your intent was to actually put forward your view, you also failed on that count too.

The abortion issue deals with several questions at its heart: What is a human life, when does it begin, and how can we know? Your fancy flying banner addressed none of these issues. It just had a weird picture of what I guess was supposed to be a fetus; but you should know that if you were trying to disgust people into being pro-life, you failed at that too, because frankly I was just perplexed. So, failure on all counts, I think.

2) Really, a flying plane banner? How much did that cost I wonder? I can’t help but think it was a lot. I don’t know, I’ve never hired a plane to fly around with provocative messages attached to it. But given the epic failure (refer to point 1) your plane delivered message was, that money probably could have been spent in a much, much better way. Maybe you could have given it to a local crisis pregnancy center, or some other organization that, you know, actually tries to solve the problem. Right to Life would probably be pretty happy to get it. Just sayin’. So next time, maybe think your actions through a little bit better, yeah? All of us rational pro-lifers thank you.

Katie Pieper


Pasquerilla West Hall

April 28