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Cover up the crosses

Letter to the Editor | Sunday, April 19, 2009

On Thursday, reports surfaced that President Obama, our chosen Commencement speaker, gave a speech on Tuesday at Georgetown University – a Catholic institution – but before he did so, made a request of the University: Cover up and hide all symbols of the school’s Catholic identity, including the name of Jesus Christ. This act of Obama’s White House should convince any Catholic, and most importantly our president, Fr. Jenkins, that such a man should not ever be invited to speak at a Catholic university. Does Mr. Obama expect us to blot out the cross on our school seal and throw a tarp over the golden statue of Mary on the Dome? This action by Mr. Obama and his White House is clear proof that he values nothing about our Catholic faith besides the millions of votes that Catholics represent.

In addition to his abhorrent views on life issues such as abortion and stem cell research, Mr. Obama has taken a further step and requested a Catholic institution to deny its faith. What is next for Mr. Obama? It appears that his next encroachment of our faith will occur in May when he gives the Commencement address at the most prestigious and well-recognized Catholic university in the nation, the University of Notre Dame. Fr. Jenkins should take heed of this latest betrayal of the Catholic faith and immediately rescind his invitation to Mr. Obama, lest we are asked to do the same as Georgetown.

Brendan Durr


Knott Hall

April 16