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Enough already

Letter to the Editor | Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Brendan Cordial wrote in a letter to the Editor in today’s Observer, “Obama voted – while an Illinois senator – multiple times against legislation that would protect infants who survived a failed abortion attempt.” (“Pro-life terrorism?” April 16) This is an absurd distortion. FactCheck.org presents an explanation of the endless loops of technicalities involved in these bills , but the bottom line is this: it is, and has always been, the law that any viable fetus born as a result of a failed abortion must be treated as an individual deserving of medical care. Obama’s votes were attempts to prevent the bills’ writers from attacking Roe v. Wade, not attempts to “keep infanticide legal,” as though it were ever legal in the first place. Could we please make an effort at exerting just a little bit of intellectual honesty when debating these matters?

Jarett DeAngelis


class of 2008

April 20