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Free boat ride for one

Justin Tardiff | Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ladies of Notre Dame, imagine the classiest, most elegant celebration you could possibly think of. It’s complete with fancy dresses, well-dressed (and strikingly attractive) men and downright jovial atmosphere.

Now take that image, put it on a boat (even classier) and you have the 2009 St. Edward’s Hall Yacht Dance.

As The Lonely Island and T-Pain have proven, anything is 124 percent better when on a boat. That means that if you thought you had a fun normal awesome SYR, you’ll have more than twice as much fun at the St. Ed’s Yacht Dance (sorry, though, flippy floppies are not included, and climbing buoys is discouraged).

Now, ladies, I’m sure you’re saying to yourself, “That sounds awesome! Too bad all the hot guys are probably taken by now.” You are, however, sorely mistaken. One gentleman has been waiting for you. Yes, you.

His name is Paul Macias, and he’s everything you could ask for in a date and then some. I would know – I’ve lived down the hall from him all year. In addition to being a model R.A., Paul is President Emeritus of St. Ed’s. I’m sure you ladies know it pays to have friends in high places.

Positions and titles are so impersonal, though, and Paul is much more than that. A native of Petal, Miss., Paul is a senior history major who, despite his Facebook relationship status, is still looking for the right girl.

That right girl, though, could be you.

Look in the mirror right now. See the color of your hair? That’s Paul’s favorite hair color on a girl! And your eyes are just what he’s looking for.

Paul is an avid mountaineer, specializing in Aggro Crag climbing, and a knowledgeable historian, having watched nearly every episode of Legends of the Hidden Temple multiple times. He has accomplished more this year, than most people do in a lifetime, leading two teams to NCAA BCS Championships (in the NCAA 09 video game) and captaining an Olympic squad (in the St. Ed’s Hall Olympics).

After playing soccer in high school, Paul has stayed in peak physical condition at Notre Dame, leading the St. Ed’s soccer and C-team basketball squads to glory. Though his bookstore basketball team bowed out in the first round, Paul scored multiple baskets in a tight loss.

Paul has been described by some women as “rugged” and “a big teddy bear.” Let’s face it, ladies, who wouldn’t want to go on a date with a big, rugged, teddy bear?

He’s the complete package – an athlete, a scholar, and a gentleman. Contact Paul at [email protected] if you’re interested (and, really, why wouldn’t you be?).