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ORLH hypocrite, again

Letter to the Editor | Tuesday, April 28, 2009

When the staff in the Office of Residence Life and Housing made up their rules regarding study days and finals week, it seems as if they decided to put themselves above their own laws. “The Office of Student Affairs is informing each residence hall that a proper atmosphere must be maintained in the dorms throughout study days (May 1-4) and exam days (May 5-9). No other activity, at any time, may interfere with an environment of study and rest for all residents.” Yet they decide to send teams do room inspections at 9 a.m. (to my dorm) the first day of study days. What gives? I am very confused. Since I (and I assume the majority of students of campus) plan to be fast asleep at that time, will their activity not interrupt the quiet environment I will need for rest? Furthermore, the memo I received from my hall staff has informed me that if I am sleeping when the inspector arrives, I “must get up in order for the inspection to take place.” However, should I choose to obey the edict set forth by the ORLH by not allowing anything to interrupt my rest, and continue to sleep, myself and “each roommate will be charged a $100 penalty fee.” It is clear once again that the Office of Residence Life and Housing is doing anything but looking out for the students and putting our interests first.

The hypocrisy of this Office disgusts me. As its existence is totally dependent upon students, one would think that it would do its best to accommodate our needs. On the other hand, having older people who are out of touch with the desires and mentality of the college-aged generation running this Office is not surprising considering the recent policies (I’m talking Fisher Zoo-esque ones, not Obama) set forth by the school’s administration. Perhaps due to the aforementioned age-gap, they really don’t know that us young whipper-snappers stay up late and sleep until the afternoon. In that case, I would hope that the rectors of all dorms would at least be in touch enough with the lives of their students to realize that on non-school days they like to sleep in (intelligent ones might be able to deduce this by the relative lack of activity before 10-11 a.m. on weekends), and I would further hope that the more responsible rectors would stick up for their residents by explaining to ORLH the unreasonable hour as well as the inherent hypocrisy of these inspections.

Ryan Slaney


Carroll Hall

April 28