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Panning ND music scene ignorant, disrespectful

Letter to the Editor | Sunday, April 19, 2009

Really, Scene? Really? There may not be the type of music scene at Notre Dame that would satisfy an appetite for Pitchfork credibility and hipness, but to dismiss the talents of current Notre Dame musicians is disrespectful and shows an ignorance of the current music scene. The claims made in “Vanishing Act” (April 16) regarding the Notre Dame music scene demonstrate the myriad problems that stifle creativity. The work of South Bend Power ’90s exists as a valuable resource for both fans of that scene and new listeners.

To say that the student body should be “ashamed” that things in the campus music scene are not the way they were in Ted Leo’s hey-day shows a stuck-in-the-past mentality that goes against everything those older bands stood for creatively. In what way does criticizing a music scene help it develop? Instead of criticizing AcoustiCafé and Legends for not being the same types of venues as the Notre Dame scene of the past, the campus should enthusiastically embrace what it has and encourage it to become better.

Calling for a “counterculture” inside the pages of The Observer shows a limited scope of what is available on and around campus. Bands like Sans Katoi and Chicken Jackson have developed and presented themselves to the Notre Dame community. Legends is always looking for student acts to support the national talent that it brings to the campus. Expressing oneself through music is one of the most revealing endeavors a person can undertake. Calling for an overnight music scene full of Vampire Weekends and MGMTs denies this personal nature of music, while keeping the Notre Dame scene mired in imitation rather than letting it expand to be something truly special.

John Siegel


Keenan Hall

April 16