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Personal Sacrifices

Letter to the Editor | Tuesday, April 28, 2009

In response to fellow Keenanite Mark Easley (“Christian Soldiers” April 27), I disagree with his logic at every turn. He is just recycling the often-used argument against consciousness objectors. First, he stakes that those who take the “moral high ground” are oblivious to the real world, which demands that we have to engage in torture in order for our freedoms to be protected. The people making a stance against torture really believe that torture does not contribute to the safety of this country and its freedoms. There is sufficient and legitimate evidence to prove that torture is ineffective. They also believe that morality does have to be compromised in your dirty “real world,” as you state. You presume that as a Christian soldier, you must make sacrifices. I truly believe that Jesus who suffered heinous torture and who made the ultimate sacrifice, would firmly deny the use of torture.

As Christians, we are encouraged to take a moral stance and uphold the dignity and life of all human beings (including those who have wronged us). You also state, “We will sacrifice so that others may live in peace.” First, as citizens we are not the ones making the personal sacrifices by letting our government torture people. It is very easy for us to stand far away from where the torture is taking place and assent to it. Also, it is a distorted worldview that leads people to use violence to create peace. Fratres in Cristo.

Paul Hotovy


Keenan Hall

April 27