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Save PigTostal

Letter to the Editor | Thursday, April 16, 2009

Every school has its day. Unofficial St. Patrick’s Day at Illinois. Cedar Fest at Michigan State. Little 500 at Indiana. Halloween at Wisconsin. Mardi Gras at SLU. Hash Bash at Michigan and so on and so on. Every school has that day where thousands not attending that school can blow off a weekend and road trip, because “dude, *insert event* at *insert school* is going to be sick this year. I didn’t go last year, but my buddy that goes there said its for sure legit.”

Racking my brain, Notre Dame has no such event. Unless, of course, you count PigTostal. And now, rumors have been flying about how the University has decided that the next front in the war on fun is this event. ResLife and its Dometroopers have begun in their attempts to take from us this, our one “event.” To be sure, PigTostal really isn’t even that great. It’s kind of a bummer. It’s what most students do every weekend with the addition of specially printed plastic cups and an unfavorable ratio of shirtless dudes to available beer. And you have to buy a ticket for it.

Now, nobody at nearby schools has been itching to road trip down to Notre Dame this weekend, and, if you have been there before, you can’t really say that you have preemptively written “greatest day ever” in Saturday’s box in your Jonas Brothers calendar. But it is something. And as a student you must stand up for your right to stand up in a backyard, with an empty cup, no girl because you’re not an athlete, and wish you would have gone to the Blue Gold game. I heard Weis even guaranteed an Irish victory (Notre Dame football joke).

So, in ending, to ResLife: please don’t take PigTostal from us. It’s all we have and, trust me, you can take away our fun much more effectively elsewhere. And to the students, go and enjoy the red headed stepchild that is PigTostal. Love it because it’s yours. Bring your friends. If they won’t come, tell them it’s an anti-Obama rally. Go Dome or Go Home.

Matt Paletta


off campus

April 16