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Terry’s ‘solution’

Letter to the Editor | Monday, April 6, 2009

Mr. Randall Terry: if we are to use the term rape so liberally (“Notre Dame Response Holds Prayer Rally,” April 6), then please do not “rape” our campus with your presence from this point forward. Your lack of willingness to discuss the issue of abortion coupled with your statements that appeared in The Observer show that you are quite clearly an extremist and a radical. Being pro-life or pro-choice is a completely separate issue from refusing to have open dialogue about abortion and Obama’s recognition on campus. In case you missed The Observer article in which the editorial staff disclosed the percentages of students on each side of the issue, 97 percent of seniors support the selection of Obama as Commencement speaker. Because of this number, I would estimate that 0.5 percent or less of the senior class actually shares the same radical view that you do. Practically none of our class views this event as “the rape of Catholic orthodoxy, sociology, and justice.” And the chance of our Commencement “[affecting] the Catholic world for at least a generation” is non-existent.

Your blatant disrespect for our senior class is aggravating and humiliating. I urge the members of Notre Dame Response to distance yourselves from this man. Prayer rallies and discussions are certainly welcome on this issue, but turning Commencement into a “slime pot” is not. You do not want to be seen as an embarrassment to the United States if indeed Mr. Terry creates a “crisis” situation. His threats are borderline grounds for arrest as President Obama’s security will be watching for any odd activity. Remember, Notre Dame is a university and academic discussion is welcomed at all times. However, Mr. Terry is not promoting discussion but rather an extremist agenda. Ruining graduation for 2,000 individuals is not an acceptable solution to the problem that Notre Dame Response seeks to address. Distance yourselves from Mr. Terry – you will emerge from the situation in much better shape than the alternative. You will gain much more respect and influence if you handle the situation differently than Mr. Terry advocates. Thank you.

Todd Henkel


off campus

April 6