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Unions cause more harm than good

Letter to the Editor | Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Like many things with good intentions, collective bargaining is not one steeped in good logic. Unions are a vehicle to achieve a dream of fair work for fair wages, and that is a dream everyone agree with. Unfortunately what is “fair” differs from person to person. Respect is a two way street when it comes to the relationship between the employer and the employed. Is not the business owner, who has worked hard to build his empire, disrespected when workers gang up for higher pay? That is why entrepreneurs often seek to break up unions, because it is essentially a mob set out to bully the employer and loyal employees into agreeing to their limitless demands. FYI, it is because of unionization that GM and Chrysler are not competitive in the global and domestic market and are on their way to the grave, but not before they sink a bunch of tax payer money down with them. As a direct result of unionization we are on the brink of seeing the collapse of the American auto industry and the continued export of manufacturing jobs oversees.

When unions form, wages go up, but that spells doom for the industry at large because places with lower wages will be more competitive. You are essentially digging your own grave for short term gain. If you aren’t making enough, the solution is to get a second job, increase your skill set by going back to school or look for a better career. People can and will help themselves rise up in our society, we just have to stop babying and misleading them with false notions of easy hope.

Mark Easley


Keenan Hall

March 31