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Where is Fr. Jenkins?

Letter to the Editor | Sunday, April 19, 2009

While Notre Dame continues to erupt in turmoil over the approaching commencement and President Barack Obama’s presence on campus, I ask myself, where is the President of our university, Fr. Jenkins? Now would be such a great opportunity for him to calm those troubled by his arrival, to remind those so vehemently against Obama’s arrival that it is okay for the voices of opposition to have a place on campus … that engaging in dialogue does not mean jeopardizing your belief system, or that it in any way demonstrates moral weakness … that instead it, is a good thing to hear the other side and to debate (respectfully) with them, for that in those conversations you might come out a stronger Catholic, Christian or whatever your beliefs may be. But where is he?

Fr. Jenkins is, as usual, hiding behind closed doors. He is allowing President Obama to come to campus while the warfare continues, simply to increase the prestige of the university, when he could be inviting President Obama in for a conversation, and a symbol to the rest of the world that the university is finally ready to move forward, that we are willing to listen to what others have to say and that listening to the other side is not a threat to our belief system. By his inaction, if the Commencement blows up in flames and if Notre Dame is embarrassed by the irrational actions of the voices of opposition, then the blood will be on his hands.

Erin Weedon


class of 2007

April 18