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Burrito blues

Letter to the Editor | Monday, September 28, 2009

As a resident of the Eddy Street Commons, I was thrilled when I discovered that the Chipotle would be opening so soon. I was even more thrilled when I discovered that it’s luscious scent wafts directly into my bedroom window, and on “Free Burrito Day”, no less! Naturally, I partook in the “Free Burrito” extravaganza. Everyone that was in line with me seemed really excited to be a part of this promotion. However, upon reading Friday’s Observer, I was disturbed to see the comments of fellow students griping about not receiving free burritos.

This ungratefulness is truly unattractive. Of course the store manager had to cut the line off. I promise, it DID take an hour and a half. Furthermore, the restaurant did not “not fulfill” any promises. When I left for band practice at 6:30, the line was still quite long, and I am certain that there were students who received a free burrito after 7 p.m. If the manager had not cut off the line, they would have been serving burritos until at least 8:30 p.m. Is that what the promotion stated was the ending time? No.

To those students who complained about not receiving free burritos: I am really happy for you that you enjoyed your Hot Box Pizza. Now stop complaining. You did absolutely nothing to earn that free burrito, and you showed up too late. That’s nobody else’s fault and it’s just bad luck. Sorry. Just be grateful that you had food in your stomach Thursday night – many people around the world can not say the same. In general, let’s all be a little more grateful when we receive anything for free. Thanks.

Kelsey Robertson


off campus

Sept. 25