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Manhood only important quality

Observer Viewpoint | Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My apologies,

Although I have never written into The Observer before (although I have threatened to quite a bit), I felt the need to apologize to the men on campus for us women on campus who dare question the Church’s teaching on priesthood. We should have known that Jesus called 12 men together to lead his flock, not 12 women. We should have known that the only distinguishing characteristic of those disciples was their manhood. It could not have been because of their personality and leadership qualities. And forget historical context. Leave that to the liberal theologians. Of course Jesus would have picked his apostles according to outside appearances and not because of certain qualities necessary to lead like courage and faith. I’m only glad that he didn’t choose these men because of their brown hair because what would all those blonde-haired priests at Notre Dame have done when they heard the calling. Seriously though, we women should really learn our place.

Can you imagine what would happen if a woman gave the sacrament? I mean, what type of message would that send to women who feel like second-class citizens? Certainly women would begin to feel like they have a voice and an opinion to share, and we can’t let that happen. Because next thing you know, women will start talking about “rights” and “anti-discrimination” and other silly things like that. Come on Notre Dame girls, everyone knows men have struggled for their rights since the dawn of time. Can’t we just let them have this one thing?

Katy Smith


off campus

Sept. 22