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Meal plan injustice

Letter to the Editor | Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This evening I went to replenish my domer dollars on the food services Web site (thanks mom and dad) and was surprised so see a link offering packs of six lunches for only $30. Now as any off campus student with a meal plan can tell you, a lunch at either dining hall is closer to $11. Upon clicking on the link, I realized that these special “Value Meals” are available only to faculty and staff. So, I ask, why not students?

At this point in my career I have already sunk close to $200,000 into this institution. Does that not entitle me to a reasonably priced lunch? I’m sure the prices for these student meals have been rationalized through some sort of crazy formula that Notre Dame feels is correct after factoring in just how many bowls, trays and loaves of bread they project I’ll steal this semester. I will accept that price only slightly begrudgingly if it is universal.

If the cost of a meal at the dining halls is closer to $11 than $6, who pays the difference for staff meals? How much of the price tag on room and board (or my over-priced meal plan) is actually earmarked so that staff and faculty can be part of what foodservices boasts is “A Special Deal Served Up Just For You.” Why is this not a special deal served up for me? I am livid over this inequality. I admit that when I lived on campus I avoided the dining hall and let about half of my weekly meals go to waste in favor of more delicious things like burritos and pizza, but this year I would like to be able to enjoy a sandwich with my friends without feeling I have to eat a Thanksgiving meal to justify the entry fee.

So, off campus students I beseech you to start rallying, kicking, screaming and asking nicely to see that this injustice be amended. We deserve a special deal too.

Allison Hamill


off campus

Sept. 22