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Team’s post-game conduct disappointing

Letter to the Editor | Sunday, September 13, 2009

Dear Football Team,

Congratulations on playing a terrific two quarters Saturday. Freshmen and sophomores, I hope the Big House lived up to its hype as not only one of the toughest places to play, but one of the most vile holes of swamp-ground in the nation.

Michigan-hating aside, I want you, the players, to know that I’ll be proud to stand behind you as long as you are proud to fight for Our Lady’s University. As a member of the drum line, I’m willing to do whatever I can to support you from Monday to Friday at our practices, at midnight on Fridays and from dawn to dusk every Saturday. This past Saturday, I didn’t mind waking up at 7:30 a.m., helping to load nine buses, bussing to the armpit of America, holding my drum for five straight hours or screaming my lungs out for four quarters only to see a heartbreaking loss (a loss that can’t be blamed solely on you). I’ve gotten used to that brand of [censored] in that past two years. What made me most sick wasn’t even the mass of drunken Michigan fans taunting me and singing that poor excuse for a fight song in my face.

The thing that disappointed me most Saturday was the way a group of men I respect and admire responded to a tough loss by putting their tails between their legs and slinking out of the Big House without stopping to recognize the student section, alumni, guest fans, band or most importantly the University by singing the Alma Mater. It may be a small act, but watching you sing “Love thee Notre Dame,” win or lose, is part of every game day I’m not willing to sacrifice.

This letter shouldn’t be read as a childish tantrum, an ultimatum or any sort of unnecessary jest at our football team. It’s a challenge to you, the team, to conduct yourselves with pride, dignity and respect. It’s a reminder to you that when I watch the games on Saturdays, I’m not watching a group of professionals or celebrities earn a living; I’m watching fellow students do something I wish I could do – represent our school by giving it all on the gridiron. So when time expires, show some pride and join your peers in singing the Alma Mater.

I love Notre Dame football. I love our 2009 squad. I love watching you give everything you have every minute of every game. I may not be able to give blood and sweat on the field, but I win and lose, live and die with you every Saturday. I will never let up or let you down. It’s a [censored] promise.

Next Saturday I’ll be there with the drum line to watch you crush the Spartans. I’ll be there before the game, for each of the four quarters and I’ll be there after the game to watch you sing the Victory Clog and Alma Mater. I can’t wait.

Go Irish, beat Spartans!

Kale Frank


Sorin College

Sept. 13