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Creative Halloween

Megan Loney | Friday, October 30, 2009

Witches and monsters and ghosts!  Oh my! 

Unlike my fellow inside columnist earlier this week, Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. No other holiday encourages dressing up in costume to such a degree.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I enjoy free candy and the occasional scare, but nothing beats the opportunity to be anything you want to be for one night! 

Since we have reached an age at which Trick-or-Treating is no longer thought acceptable, Halloween on college campuses revolves around parties and events like Hip Hop Night at Legends. The only thing that sets this weekend apart from the average weekend is the decorations and percentage of students dressed in costume. 

Halloween allows one to emulate the person or thing of their choice at least in appearance, without reprimand. The chosen costumes correlate with the wearers’ ages.

Sitting in my dorm hallway Thursday night, I was visited by soldiers, superheroes, vampires, and various Disney characters alike. The younger the children, the more innocent were their costumes — as they should be.

That being said, I don’t think that I will encounter the same innocence, which I met Thursday, this weekend both on and off the campuses.

The probability of female students wearing outfits that resemble what can only be described as Victoria’s Secret versions of classic costumes is greater than those who will choose to be less revealing.

I’m not trying to pass judgment on my fellow women, but I must admit I am rather disappointed with the costume choices I saw last year. I am not disappointed in the lack of coverage, but rather the lack of creativity.

The naughty nurses and French maids may turn the eye of the guy whose attention you have been seeking for the better part of the semester, but I have a suggestion. Why not dazzle him with your imagination or wit instead of relying on your cleavage?

Homemade costumes never fail.  Whether it’s a two-year old sheriff with a drawn on mustache or the “Ash” costume my mom made for my younger brother during the Pokemon phenomena, these costumes have the “something” that separates them from the other costumes — creativity. 

One idea is a personalized superhero. Wearing your own superhero attire is sure to grab someone’s attention and the topic of your super powers is a nice ice-breaker.

The Internet is a good source for ideas if you find out that designing your own costume is easier said than done.

I propose that we bring the imagination and creativity back to the holiday.  Let’s make Halloween more than just an excuse to bare skin this year.