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Those defending the innocent

Joe Mackel | Thursday, October 29, 2009

To Eduardo Magallanez (“Pro-life vs. pro-birth,” Oct. 27), I agree with your thoughts regarding the respect we desire for human life of all stages. As Catholics we should strive to defend the dignity of life as John Paul II said “from conception to natural death.” I fail to see, however, if you believe abortion is abhorrent, why you would attack the pro-life efforts on campus. As you have pointed out, the degradation of the gift of life takes many forms.

The abomination that is the murder of the innocent unborn is the most horrific of these attacks and therefore we work to end it. By focusing on this issue we do not downplay or disregard the others that you listed. Ideally we would be able to address every threat to the dignity of life, and as the Christian community as a whole we can. Yet within this community of believers there is no reason why individuals should not direct their energies toward a specific problem.

It is illogical to criticize these individuals who are working to end a particular evil, by claiming that they should also be working to end all types of evil. Your intention to point out that there are many life issues that need to be addressed is valid and laudable, but mocking Notre Dame’s pro-life individuals and their efforts does not move us closer to bringing about the universal respect for life that you and I desire.

Joe Mackel
O’Neill Hall
Oct. 27