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Baraka Bouts: Boxers fight for East Africa

Andrew Owens, Kaitlyn Murphy, Chris Allen, Allan Joseph and Kevin Baldwin | Friday, November 13, 2009

Kelly “Third Time’s a Charm” Marszalek def. Emily “Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia” Chiapetta

Marszalek gained control at the beginning of the match and kept it until the final bell sounded. Both fighters got some punches in early, and Marszalek had a slight advantage through the first round.

In the second round, Chiapetta came out aggressively and attempted to take control of the match. Marszalek, however, kept her composure and finished the round strong with some late punches on Chiapetta that allowed her to keep the momentum.

In the third round, the intensity picked up as both sides were able to get some early punches in. Although Chiapetta had some strong punches in the final round, it was not enough for her to win, and Marszalek was the victor in a unanimous decision.

Kate “I’ll” Weber “Grill You” def. Michelle “Oscar Meyer” Maloney

Because of her aggressive and relentless fighting, Weber won her match against Maloney in a split decision.

Weber took the advantage from get-go with a quick start. Although the middle of the round was evenly matched, Weber finished strong with some late punches on Maloney.

Weber did not miss a beat in the second round, as she continued to keep the advantage because of her aggressive behavior. Although Maloney put up a strong fight, it was clear that the match was Weber’s to lose in the third round.

Weber fought off any fatigue in the final round to prove herself as the stronger fighter. Although Maloney had some bright spots in the round, Weber hung on to nab the win.

Lauren “Killer” Miller def. Maddie “Jammin'” Hamann

Miller defeated Hamann in the only match of the first hour that was ended early by the referee.

This match had the quickest start to it, as the freshman Hamann did not look fazed by her first appearance in the Baraka Bouts. Although there was not a clear leader through the first half of the match, Miller finished with the edge.

Miller’s ferocious play continued in the second round with a series of relentless punches to Hamann. The freshman was unable to recover, forcing the referee to put an end to the match 30 seconds in the round.

Erica “The Boogeyman” Ramirez def. Emma “Irish Eyes” O’Brien

In the first round, Ramirez came out as the more aggressive of the two, but there was no clear-cut leader because of the even play between the fighters.

O’Brien dictated the pace of the second round with a quick start and some strong punches on Ramirez. The second half of the round was more evenly matched and was not quite as intense as the first half.

Both fighters came out with some urgency in the third round. Although O’Brien got some early punches in, Ramirez kept her composure and had a strong finish to the round.
Ramirez won in a split decision.

Julia “You Got Nuttin'” Sutton def. Jackie “Chilosa” Covarrubias

There was an intense start to the match as both fighters showed some early emotion and energy. The first round was evenly fought and there was neither fighter had separated herself from the other.

Covarrubias had a slightly stronger second round than Sutton. She came out and got some early punches in and set the pace and intensity for the round. Sutton set herself up for a comeback in the third round because of her poise and composure.

Once again, both fighters came out with a sense of urgency in the third round as neither had a large lead over the other heading in. Sutton was able to ward off fatigue to control the round and set herself up for the victory.
Sutton won in a split decision.

Rockin’ Robin Brown def. Sara “The Hurricane” Harker

Although Harker came out stronger in the first round and had Brown running all around the ring, Brown was not fazed. Brown had a strong finish to the round and carried the momentum the rest of the way.

The second round slowed down after the initial flurry of punches, but it was obvious that Brown had put herself in position to win with a strong third round.

Brown was relentless in the third round, cornering Harker and peppering her punches. By the end of the third round, Brown was clearly the stronger fighter and she won by unanimous decision.

Kimberly “Bo-Slice” Bugos def. Kerry “The Sheltie Pony” Olinger

In the first round, Olinger came out swinging and landed a number of early punches. As the round progressed, Bugos settled down and established a rhythm for the rest of the match.

The senior, Bugos, landed many punches to the head of the sophomore, Olinger, in the second round. In the third, fatigue took over as both boxers failed to maintain a consistent barrage leaving Bugos with the victory by unanimous decision.

Rebecca “The Claw” Neville def. Cara “Boomer” Norton

The first round saw an evenly matched fight in which neither competitor was able to establish control.

In the second round, Neville, a senior, began to step up her pressure and forced Norton, a junior, on the defensive against the ropes on a number of occasions. Norton attempted to re-establish herself with a few uppercuts, but Neville refused to let up as she secured a unanimous victory with multiple punches in the last 30 seconds of the match.

Caitlin “Built Tough” Ford def. Michelle “Hungry Hungry” Hopke

Ford’s experience showed early in the first round as she came out strong and put Hopke on the defensive for most of the match. Ford, a senior, countered many of Hopke’s offensive attempts to the body with right and left hooks to the head.

Hopke, a sophomore, stayed strong throughout the match and trading punches in the third round as Ford began to slow down due to fatigue. But it was too little too late as Ford took home a unanimous decision.

Laura “Gideon” McCarty def. Meghan “Mug” Sweeney

The beginning of the first round between the two juniors was slow until McCarty began dominating with strong jabs and well-timed hits.

The last two rounds of the match saw very solid technique from McCarty as she refused to give an inch. Sweeney came battling back in the last 30 seconds of the third round, but it was not enough to change the results of the match, as McCarty claimed a unanimous decision.

Kaitlin “Brick” Kleiber def. Kaitlyn “The Hitman” Howard

In perhaps the most even match of the night, these two sophomores relied on their long limbs and quick movement, as the victor of the match became whoever could outlast the other.

In the second round, Howard and Kleiber began to tire and lose form. The round was filled with wild punches and limited body contact. In the third round, Kleiber came out swinging and resolved to finish the match strong.

Kleiber’s final efforts gave her the victory in a split decision.

Grace “Break Your Face” Shrader def. Rina “Hella” Ventrella

The two extremely different boxing styles of the competitors made for an interesting match. As Ventrella, a sophomore, focused on quick, low punches to the body, Schrader, also a sophomore, established her dominance with jabs to the head.

Shrader proved the accuracy of her nickname as Ventrella’s nose bled multiple times throughout the match. Shrader’s endurance was crucial, as she controlled the match during the third round. Her onslaught was too much for Ventrella as Shrader claimed a unanimous victory in the bout.

Jasmine “She Sells Sea” Shells def. Katelan “Death By” Doyle

Youth triumphed over experience as Shells, the freshman from Cavanaugh, defeated Doyle, the law student, by split decision in this hard hitting slugfest.

Doyle used her long reach to keep the more powerful Shells at bay in the early rounds, but Shells landed several headshots to even the action.

Shells separated herself in the third round, dodging several big punches from Doyle and landing decisive blows on her way to the victory.

Brooke “Sting Like a Bee” Bonnette def. Viv “Float Like A Butterfly” Kim

The punches were fast and furious in this battle of junior New Jersey natives, as the McGlinn resident Bonnette overcame Kim from Pangborn in a split decision.

Both fighters came out in the fight with a lot of energy, and neither fighter had a noticeable advantage. Bonnette landed the first big blow in the second round, putting Kim on the ground with a thunderous right hook.

The fight continued as both fighters threw furious combinations of punches until the last bell, with Bonnette’s second round knockdown of Kim making the difference.

Tanya “Booty, Booty, Booty, Rockin’ Everywhere” Barrios def. Erin “Third Degree” Byrne

The strength of Lyons junior Barrios, overcame the speed of the Welsh Family sophomore, Byrne, in this split decision.

Barrios defended her face from the onslaught of punches Byrne threw while working her opponent with powerful right hooks. Both girls landed numerous punches but Barrios used a size advantage to hold her ground and strike enough decisive blows to prevail.

Becky “Mud Run” Anderson def. Gillian “I’m” Allsup “In Your Business”

The fight between Anderson, a law student, and Allsup, a McGlinn junior, was a slow, strategic battle with Anderson prevailing in a split decision.

The two fighters conserved their energy early on in the bout, picking their spots wisely. Anderson countered the longer reach of Allsup with well timed flurries of punches towards the ends of the three rounds, which ended up being enough to score her the close victory.

Caitlin “Rally in the” Alli def. Priscilla Do “n’t Even Go There”

Sophomore Caitlin Alli looked more like Muhammad Ali in this bout, masterfully dominating her senior opponent in this one-sided win by unanimous decision.

Alli displayed an unmatched combination of power and control, having her way from bell to bell.

The referee stopped the fight to check on Do multiple times, and while Do always recovered, it was clear that this was all Alli’s fight.

Madison “Mad Dog” Prieto def. Rachel “No Dice” Davidson

A painful ankle injury to Davidson caused the referee to stop the fight and give the senior Prieto the win in the third round.

Prieto’s significant size advantage helped her keep Davidson on the run, which ultimately led to Davidson’s injury as she fled Prieto’s punches.

Medics attended to Davidson, but she could not continue.

Cailey “Lights Out” Ryckman def. Karen “Golden Thunder” Riedl

The bout between the two McGlinn juniors began on relatively equal footing, as Ryckman and Riedl traded jabs early in the first round. But as the round wore on, Ryckman began to attack more and more.

In the second round, Riedl managed just a few early before Ryckman took the offensive again.

In the third round, Ryckman began to overpower Riedl with her right hand, but Riedl refused to go down easily and fought hard until the end of the match.
Ryckman won by unanimous decision.

Claire “In the” Lyons “Den” def. Jing “Jingle Bell Rock” Lin

The last contest of the evening got off to a quick start, with the fighters trading a fast and furious series of punches as the bell sounded. Lyons first gained the upper hand near the end of the first round when she landed a series on the senior from Breen-Phillips.

In the second round, Lin began to fight more patiently, picking spots for punches and attacking the sophomore’s body, but Lyons continued to throw punch after punch with never-ending energy.

The third round continued the theme from the second round, with Lin battling but unable to throw or land as many punches as Lyons. Lin was unable to keep up with Lyons and her fury of punches.

Lyons took the fight in a unanimous decision.

Maureen “Mongrel” Koegel def. Keaton van Beveren

Koegel began the match with a strong performance, landing numerous shots to the face of van Beveren. She wasted no time in establishing dominance in the ring. The senior returned with some solid shots of her own, forcing her opponent to back off a bit.

Koegel came up big in the second round. Van Beveran was briefly knocked off balance but managed to regain her footing and finish the round standing.

Van Beveren launched a counter offensive in the third round, throwing numerous punches in her opponent’s direction but to no avail as the quick Koegel was able to evade her fists.

Koegel was victorious by unanimous decision.

Kara “There is No Fear In” Scheer def. Alyssa “Don’t Hit A” Manlowe

The second match of the evening got off to a slow start as little contact was made between the two competitors in a standoff-like first round.

Scheer struck first in the second round with a high jab at Manlowe, who then swung back and buried a couple solid headshots through the gloves of the Lewis sophomore.

At the start of the third round Manlowe came out aggressive, causing Scheer to backpeddle against a barrage of quick jabs to the head and torso. Scheer turned the tide of the match by delivering a powerful counterpunch to the face of her opponent and taking the offensive.

Sheer was victorious by split decision.

Kayla “Sunshine” Bishop def. Margot “Da Beast” DeBot

As soon as the starting bell tolled, DeBot unleashed a flurry of powerful combination hits to which Bishop fired back in an equally rapid manner, using her long reach to score some crucial head shots.

Starting the second round, DeBot aimed high but Bishop was able to absorb the blows and repel the attack.

After a much needed intermission, DeBot remained in control of the fight driving Bishop into the ropes, but the junior from Howard refused to back down and fired a devastating strike to the head of her opponent and used her quick feet to immobilize her.

Bishop won by split decision.

Dina “Warrior Princess” Montemarano def. Michelle “Al Capone” Perone

Montemarano established the early lead, connecting a couple of clutch headshots in between a peppering of body hits on Perone.

The sophomore from Lyons kept up the intensity into the second round capitalizing on a counter-punch during a brief opportunity where Perone’s face was unguarded as she aimed a fist at Montemarano.

The third round became a battle of attrition, with both fighters playing conservatively and taking few risky maneuvers as the clock winded down.

Montemarano was victorious by a unanimous decision.

Andrea “The Gondoleer” Seneviratne def. Colleen “Don’t Stop the Music” Cusick

Both fighters gave a good showing in this matchup. After a slow start, Seneviratne dominated Cusick for most of the fight.

Cusick got the first hit in, but it was not long before Seneviratne was able to turn the tide with her lightning quick movements.

The senior wasted no time building her lead in the second round and Cusick was briefly pushed to the ropes before she skillfully parried Seneviratne’s strikes.

Seneviratne closed in on her opponent in the third round, swarming her with hits to the left and to the right that the sophomore could not easily withstand.

Seneviratne was victorious by unanimous decision.

Courtney “The Culprit” Currier def. Caitlin “The Other Culprit” Connolly

Energy emanated from the ring after this thrilling matchup between two high-intensity fighters. Connolly came out with fists of fury, using rapid combination attacks on Currier that forced her to take defensive maneuvering throughout the first round.

Currier mounted a comeback against the sophomore from Lewis, firing several high jabs to keep her opponent in check. Connolly responded quickly, asserting herself with well placed offensive strikes and pursuing Currier as she pulled away in defense.

Seconds into the final round, Connolly was pushed to the ropes by an impetuous Currier. Unable to continue to block incoming punches, she began to flail desperately at her opponent. Her balance was unsteady as she escaped the barrage but remained on her feet until the end.

Currier was victorious by unanimous decision.

Margaret “The Shah” Azhar def. Kelly “Jack Knife” Nikodem

Things didn’t start to heat up until the third round of this bout. The first two were defined largely by a few brief exchanges of short hits, as if waging a psychological battle or one of endurance, each saving her energy for later.

The tension reached its breaking point early in the third round with some strong jabs back and forth until Azhar laid a hard right hook on Nikodem, turning the momentum in her direction. She used her speed and footwork to seal the win.

Azhar was victorious by unanimous decision.

Caitlin “Cata” Pulte def. Tiffany “The Terrorizer” Tran
Caitin Pulte had the upper hand for the majority of this match.

About a minute into the first round, Tran had been backed into a corner but waged a hard-fought defensive struggle as Pulte aimed a large portion of punches towards her head.

Both sides took the second round to recuperate for the third. Aside from a minor exchange in the beginning, there was minimal contact during this standoff.

Pulte came out firing from all directions in the concluding round, inflicting some decisive blows to her opponent’s torso and driving her back to the ropes.

Pulte was victorious by unanimous decision.