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Christian and pro-choice

Laurel Javors | Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jacquitta, (“True Support?” Nov. 10), your comments are very true and very well thought out. Not everyone at Saint Mary’s and Notre Dame is against abortion. Further, to imply such defiles Catholic Social Teaching that as human beings we are all different and posses qualities that make us unique. While I am pro-life, I am also pro-choice. The realities of this world render it impossible for abortion to be a black and white issue. There is a lot of gray area. The decision of a woman to have an abortion is not one that a woman comes to lightly. A lot of very serious thought goes into it. It is not as simple as some would like it to be. Babies go through around 18 diapers a day. That costs money. Women have to take pregnancy leave and a lot of employers will simply fire them. What if the woman has other children for whom she must provide? Is she to let them go hungry because she was fired from her job? Not everyone in this world is as fortunate as I am to have a family who would financially and emotionally [support me] should I find myself pregnant. Not everyone has health insurance, a stable job, money. Pope John Paul II once said “It is useless to talk about the right to life unless you are willing to ensure that those who come into this world are given the means by which to live a dignified life.” As Christians, we must remember these words before we pass judgment on a woman forced to make the most painful decision of her life.


Laurel Javors


McCandless Hall

Nov. 11