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Ignorant or genius?

Danny Masse | Monday, November 2, 2009

Greetings, ND Community

We all know who Soulja Boy is. He is the performer of one of the worst songs to ever reach No. 1 in the U.S. Many of us have even seen his interviews, with the faulty grammar and the air of undeserved superiority. But what if all of this was an act? What if all of it was a satirical ploy to make fun of new wave hip hop and rap?

The only way to pull off a successful deception in a performance is to sell the deception before and after the show. The deceiver has to live his entire life in a way that lives up to the people’s expectations. Knowing this, it would not be enough for Soulja Boy just to create awful music. To be successful in this plot, Soulja Boy has to live his entire life the way his music portrays him. This would be Soulja Boy’s motivation to act like a numbskull in interviews and in life in general.

Soulja Boy’s songs are proof of this conspiracy. Honestly, how could anybody actually be that monumentally ignorant? All of his songs are ridiculous (not to mention awful) in wildly different ways. Even though he claims not to rap about sex and violence, “Crank That (Soulja Boy)” is only about violent sex, and he can be seen holding a gun in the original Crank that Dance video. Not to mention the beat sounds like a meth addict left alone with a steel drum.

Bottom line, nobody could possibly be this dumb in so many ways. His songs and interviews don’t just show us how ignorant he is, they are a proclamation to the world that deliberately says, “Hey world, I’m brainless!” I don’t believe that Soulja boy is actually this ignorant; he only pretends to be dumb to make fun of rap and other rappers. He pulled a big one over all of our heads.

Danny Masse
Nov. 2