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Loving This Lady

Katherine Greenspon | Tuesday, November 10, 2009

For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past year I would like to introduce you to the newest and most eccentric pop phenomenon of our generation, Lady Gaga. Redefining what an entertainer is can be a challenge, but for 22-year-old Gaga, it is just another day at the office. The name says it all from her over-the-top fashion sense to her out-of-control vocal talent. Lady Gaga is the newest princess of pop making heads turns everywhere she goes, whether she is strolling down the streets of New York in skintight leather jumpsuits or rocking red lace from head to toe at the MTV video music awards.  For many, Lady Gaga is misunderstood. It is easy to label someone as crazy and out of their mind but being an entertainer in the music industry today requires a few of these traits. Many people think she is obnoxious and inappropriate when in fact she is contemporary and confident.
 Lady Gaga commands crowds whether she is in sold-out amphitheaters or packed political protests in Washington D.C fighting for gay rights. She is loud and she knows it. Her debut album entitled “Fame” in August 2008 stopped every record label in its tracks. After being dropped from Def Jam Records at age 19, she teamed up with R&B artist Akon and Interscope Records where they let her creativity and lyrical masterpieces thrive. After having two hit singles, “Just Dance” and “Paparazzi,” she quickly fixed herself on everyone’s radar. Fans flock to her concert shows, which are actually more like theatrical performances where she wears everything from patent leather high boots to her signature blonde hair bows.
Gaga has mastered the art of performance saying, “every minute of my life is performance.” Her dedication to her work is inspiring, and it’s refreshing to see it being accepted by millions. She has said she would rather people recognize her performances and work as an artist then herself as an actual individual. Her unique ideas and original creativity is what has made her one of the biggest rock, pop and theatrical stars of our time. Her category-defying persona is addicting whether people listen to her over the radio or live. Her presence on stage is electrifying with 70s glam-inspired moves and her jaw dropping sound. For such a petite woman she has no problem belting out an unbelievable voice that travels to everyone’s nightclub and iPod worldwide.
Lady Gaga marches to the beat of her own drum, literally when she is comfortable enough to prance around in leotards and four-inch heels singing songs like “Beautiful, Dirty, Rich,” ‘I Like it Rough” and “Money Honey.” People choose to ignore her and think of her as a fraud, insane and completely out of her mind but those who disagree are her devoted and obsessed fans. Whether she is practicing her English accent or writing her own lyrics, she has managed to keep the public eye focused on her.
A New York native since birth, she proves she has what it takes to stay in the game and progress as an ultra-modern and groundbreaking artist who is consistently delivering unthinkable ideas. Lady Gaga is not afraid to express her art and that is why she has come this far. Her music videos act as mini movies and her dedication to her style and lyrics earn her front page covers of Rolling Stone and Asos magazines. People may not agree with her artistic approach and edgy dirty songs, but enough do. Whether you hate her or love her, she is laughing all the way to the bank.