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More importantly, be loud

Brandon Lewis | Tuesday, November 17, 2009

 In response to Lizzie Laughman (“Be classy, respectful,” Nov. 14), I would like to make my own request of all Notre Dame fans. I’ll start with the following disclaimer. In no way is the “kill” chant related to Jasper Howard, and I guarantee that the UConn players, should they even hear the chant, wouldn’t make that connection. Howard’s death was tragic, but considering the context of the chant, that we are fans cheering on our team, I don’t see how shouting “kill” would dishonor his memory. However, though I disagree with the self-important, politically correct, “We are ND; we’re better than everyone else,” attitude that seems to motivate Lizzie’s call to not perform the chant, I see a way to reconcile her motives with a desire to make Notre Dame Stadium a more intimidating environment for our opponents.

Instead of chanting “kill,” just yell. You don’t have to be saying anything. Continuous and intense noise flowing from your pie-hole from the time our opponents begin to huddle until the ball is snapped is sufficient. Having spent two years at the University of Florida, I can’t stand how quiet our stadium is. Sure, “be classy,” show our opponents respect, but recognize that these ideals are not incompatible with creating a hostile atmosphere for our opponents and a competitive advantage for our team.
Brandon Lewis
Nov. 16