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My favorite things

Katie Peralta | Friday, November 13, 2009

Oct. 8, Scene featured a section on the Best of YouTube. I know I am not a Scene writer, but I think it’s about time to update that list. I cannot take credit for a lot of these. I have described the videos in no particular order. After a thorough stalking of my two sisters’ wall-to-wall, as well as recommendations from some like-minded friends, here ‘tis:

Snoop Dogg on the Martha Stewart Show
. The savvy domesticator welcomes the perma-high thug to her daytime talk show and the two cook the most classically all-American comfort food — mashed potatoes. Snoop dazzles Martha with his linguistic stylings. Watch the rest to see Snoop’s secret ingredient. Try it at home!

Lil Wayne interview with Katie Couric. (Do you see some kind of pattern here?) Weezy explains the origins of his name, his connection with New Orleans and the Hurricane Katrina disaster and his drug of choice. “I’m a gangsta, Miss Katie,” pretty much sums up a lot about the multifaceted rapper. Did you know that Wayne not only likes to bowl but he was also a straight-A student? Innovator.

Dance Fail
. This video is the sole testament to why foreign white girl break dancing is not only weird, but exceedingly entertaining as well. I am not going to ruin the video for you, but watch the whole thing, even if it is uncomfortable (which it is).

Scarlet Takes a Tumble
. Admittedly a little older, but this is absolutely worth the time. Like Dance Fail, this video is uncomfortable and odd, but when you know something big and funny is about to happen, you are just inexplicably drawn in. Watch it in its entirety for the full effect.

Cat Betrayal
. This little gem reflects pretty well the boy-girl drama we see everyday. Even if you hate cats I think you will appreciate this.

Dane Cook on growing up Catholic. I think we can all take a good laugh away from this little humdinger. Cook hits home on a lot of the Catholic-isms we have grown up with but never really thought twice about. Totally hilarious. Makes me want to go to church.

Pierre Escargot from All That
. As many seasons as you can stand to watch, please watch. Keenan Thompson. Come on. We are TV children of the 90s. This video had my roommates and me in hysterics and talking in hearty French accents for weeks. A real throwback, but also a little something we can all still appreciate.

I don’t want to be responsible for a campus-wide slippage of grades on account of the brilliance I have described above. I am not entirely sure why this list has not updated since now. Enjoy.