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Party at my place

John Villecco | Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Seriously. You are all invited. Although it will not be a typical Notre Dame party, it will be a good time.

Too often in life the quirky, unique and most interesting aspects of individuals are suppressed due to social expectations. This is often true at Notre Dame despite our school’s appeal. Some people naturally thrive in our environment, but what about those whose perspectives do not quite fit? Many are either forced to wear masks, concealing their fascinating qualities, or regretfully choose not to share all that is spectacular about themselves. There is so much we could all gain if this were not the case.

At least for one night, let’s create an atmosphere that fosters sincere sisterhood and brotherhood, appreciation for differences and an attempt to understand each other. Without exception, everyone is invited.

“Everyone” includes the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning students, those out and those not; you are all invited. It includes pretty girls that guys are too afraid to talk to, as well as every pretty girl who doesn’t see her beauty yet. In other words, all Saint Mary’s and Notre Dame girls are invited. All guys are invited, too, and you don’t even have to pay! Artists, athletes, musicians, engineers, dancers, social activists, writers — all invited. Everyone is invited. We are all beautiful people and there is a place for each person on Friday.

Whether you come in a group or by yourself, I’m excited to meet you! Take a chance, because there will be no expectations about who you are supposed to be.

There will not be any beer, by the way. It’s a tea party. We will boil as much water as is needed, and it’s all on me. Also, please feel free to bring more teabags or snacks. See you Friday, Nov. 20 between 8 p.m. and midnight in 259 O’Neill.


John Villecco


O’Neill Hall

Nov. 17