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Soulja Boy ruined everything

Dan Tapetillo | Wednesday, November 4, 2009

 In regards to Danny Masse’s Nov. 3 Letter to the Editor (“Ignorant or genius?”) discussing Soulja Boy, I fail to understand why there is even a debate on whether he is ignorant or a genius. Despite his one hit song, Mr. Boy is extremely inconsequential to rap music and hip-hop. I do not even know how to refer to him professionally. Is it Mr. Boy?

But the controversy over Soulja’s intelligence is not what compelled me to write today, but rather is the damage he has done to the fabric of our society. I am a victim of this damage and I believe I am not alone among Observer readers. For most of the second half of 2008 I had to deal with everyone practicing that ridiculous dance until perfection. Even my 17-year-old sister had it down pat. I have to tell you, there is nothing more embarrassing than going to Finnegan’s and everybody knowing the dance but you. So what happened? I went home and watched the video on YouTube until I learned it. Today, I don’t know anybody who can outdo me in the Soulja Boy dance, not even Soulja Boy himself. The countless hours I spent learning this dance could have been better spent doing other activities such as volunteer work, studying or even catching up on sleep.

Not only is he a bad influence on the youth of today, he is criticized from those in the same profession. During 2008, Ice-T, a pioneer in rap music, referred to Soulja Boy’s music as “killing hip-hop,” and described Mr. Boy’s most successful song, “Crank That” as “garbage.” Ice-T even suggested Soulja Boy consume male genitalia. Only a truly destructive individual such as Soulja Boy could provoke the normally reserved and eloquent Ice-T in such a way.

After a series of exchanges between the two musicians over the internet, the only person who came to Soulja Boy’s rescue was none other than Kanye West. The same Kanye West who could not go through an entire VMA’s without downing a bottle of Hennessey and taking the spotlight away from Taylor Swift (who I personally believe is overrated).

All of this could have been avoided if nobody, including myself, had spent 99 cents to download the song on itunes. I hope next time when there is a dance craze, society will be intelligent enough to not give into the gimmick, and will spend their time and money on things that are more worthwhile.


Dan Tapetillo

law student

Fischer Grad Residences

Nov. 3