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Task forces meet, update group on recent progress

Liz O'Donnell | Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The original version of the article incorrectly stated that the Task Force on Evaluation of Student Body Disciplinary Records met with Bill Kirk, assistant vice president of the Office of Residence Life and Housing (ORLH). The group met with Jeff Shoup, director of ORLH. The Observer regrets this error.

The Campus Life Council (CLC) met Monday afternoon to give updates on the progress of the three task forces.

Student body president Grant Schmidt said Monday’s meeting was most likely the second to last one of the semester, with the final meeting coming in December.
First to present was student body vice president Cynthia Weber, the chairman of the Task Force on Evaluation of Student Disciplinary Records, who said her group recently altered their direction.
Previously, the task force was looking into the possible elimination of first time minor offenses from a student’s disciplinary record.
“The committee will focus more on incidents referred to by external bodies,” she said.
Weber said the task force met with Jeff Shoup, director of the Office of Residence Life and Housing (ORLH), to discuss the matter. She said he and other members of the ORLH staff receive individual inquiries from law schools, medical schools and employment agencies asking about the disciplinary history of a student. 
“If we ask them to remove the offense from the record … there would be a disparity between what’s on file and what people actually know,” Weber said.
Weber said they will look into the differences in the way off-campus issues are handled versus dorm to dorm.
The group is looking into the possibility of asking the University to refer the incident to the student’s rector instead of being sent straight to ORLH.
Chairman of Student Legal Services John Delanco said they are almost at the stage of drafting a resolution, but would like to complete the framework of the database of area attorneys before they do so.
Delanco said the group is trying to find a way to monitor the hits the database receives without making students feel they are being watched. He also said the group needs to work with attorneys to see how much public access they want allowed to the site.
After the Task Force on Advertising was dissolved in favor of holding off until agenda.nd.edu debuts, Bridget Bredemann said its members have embarked on the new task of creating a stronger link between alumni and current Notre Dame students.
The group will be looking into the level of involvement students on campus wish to see from alumni, as well as the possible creation of some form of “exit poll” to gauge what types of student groups’ alumni wish to remain involved in.