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Thank you, Mr. Bueller

Caitlin Housley | Monday, November 23, 2009

John Hughes was an 80s movies genius, and through his films he has taught me so many life lessons.

The first time I watched “The Breakfast Club,” I realized that everyone has a different life story, so I should never judge anyone by a first impression. Thanks to “Sixteen Candles,” I learned that every girl has the potential to get her ideal Jake Ryan, and after watching “Pretty in Pink” I appreciate that love can form between people no matter what their social status is.

However, the movie that has always been most appealing to me as a student is none other than “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” … anyone? Anyone? 

I always picture the stress load I have and the sheer amount of work I have left to do and I long to just say, “Hey, I’m calling in sick today,” and then escape to Chicago where I can spend the day driving one fabulous car, eating in restaurants way too expensive for my budget, and singing Danke Schoen on a parade float.

In reality, however, I’m as timid as Ferris’ best friend Cameron — the worrier who always thinks about the consequences instead of living in the moment. It’s so easy for me to give up on spending a night with friends in order to study endlessly for something that could just have easily been done in one or two hours.

So, each time I watch “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off,” I try to learn a little more each time.

Thanks to him, I know the perfect way to fake clammy hands, I know how to take miles off a car and create the perfect prank call.  Most importantly, I have learned that, as Ferris says, life moves pretty fast, if I don’t stop and look around once and a while, I could miss it.

This is a lesson from which we all can learn. Our lives as students are stressful, but we need to remember to take some time for ourselves every once and a while. OK, so maybe we can’t just blow off school all together (especially with finals quickly approaching), but we can take a break from our busy schedule to spend a few hours visiting with friends, watching movies, playing board games or even “Sporcle”-ing. 

School shouldn’t just be about studying and stress. It should be a time for us to grow, to form lasting friendships and experience new things. 

The question shouldn’t be what are we going to do in life; it should be what aren’t we going to do in life. We need to take time to experience as much of college life as we can. Gradually, thanks to Ferris, I’m learning to call in sick for at least an hour or two daily. Ferris Bueller, you truly are my hero.