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Thankful for the Weis family

Katherine Robinson Coleman | Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My son is the biggest ND fan on this planet. My son also has autism. We were watching the game at Hannah and Friends. I knew my son was tense, and he could not even sit down to watch the ND/UConn game. My son’s savant area of expertise is sports. He is quite aware of the pressure coach Weis is under. We had to abruptly leave, the game was too close, and my son’s passion for the Irish and coach was more than he could bear. He started to cry in the car. He was very overwhelmed. He finished watching the game at home. He said, “Mom you know the coach’s job is on the line here. If we lose, he will get fired. Who will support Hannah and Friends? All the Alumni care about is a winning football team.” I told him Hannah and Friends is the Weis family’s dream come to reality. They will continue their mission of compassion what ever may happen.

So for Thanksgiving, I want to thank the Weis family for giving my son a happy life. He loves his cooking classes, the dances, the football games, the Family Fest, all the parties. You have provided a haven where our children can be respected, celebrated and loved. I also want to thank all the ND students who volunteer and make our kids smiles even bigger. I am thankful for the Alumni who have given their time to help raise money for Hannah and Friends, and the Domers that come to fundraisers. Last but not least, I want to thank coach Weis, Maura, Charlie Jr. and Hannah — you will always be our Champions. We are thankful for you helping make our community more compassionate to our angels walking the earth.

Katherine Robinson Coleman
class of 1978
Nov. 23