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Walking (and Dressing) in a Winter Wonderland

Adriana Pratt | Thursday, November 5, 2009

It was a Wednesday evening when I got the tragic phone call. My 50 year-old mother had just invested in her first pair of Uggs.

I’ve prided myself on never owning Uggs, mostly because in a fit of snobbiness, I deemed them too unoriginal and generic for a true fashion statement. Plus, they’re just plain ugly. I quickly scolded my mother for her purchase, both because she is clearly not a teenager and also because she has been a style icon of mine since youth and I couldn’t believe she had committed such a fashion faux pas. The news that she had fallen to the dark side made me question my whole fashion doctrine.

Alas, here comes the lesson of learning not to speak too soon. I will grudgingly admit that the Uggs my mom bought are fantastic. They’re chic, cute and undeniably warm. Thank heavens though, they look nothing like the typical tube-shaped boot that society invested in because a few celebrities paraded them around 90 years ago.

These new Uggs, called “Women’s Shoreline,” come in an olive color, lace up the front and have unique Indian-inspired details that make the boots not only eye-catching but also compatible with the season’s trends. The fact that such a good-looking boot could belong to the Ugg family intrigued me and I searched the Web site for other good finds. Don’t be fooled. The “Shoreline” is as good as it gets.

If Uggs aren’t your thing, The North Face also provides an attractive and functional snow boot called the “Women’s Abby II.” The Abby II is extremely comfortable and warm, but make sure to douse it in suede spray before stepping out into the South Bend slush if you want to maintain the shoes’ color and texture. For a cheaper but similar looking style, check out Target’s “Women’s C9 by Champion Neveah Lace-Up” boots.

South Bend winters are notorious for being unbearable, ugly and frigid. Once that magical first snowfall goes from white to gray, the desire to look cute will be plowed away with the sludge and the only thing on most people’s minds will be warmth.

Many a morning came last year when the sweatpants worn to bed were the main ingredient in the next day’s outfit. Whether you’re someone who despises the sloppiness of a sweat or instead loves nothing more than taking your outfit from evening to day (read: pajamas to class), a few items will adorn every girl’s costume.

Jackets are an absolute necessity from late November to at least early March and, thankfully, there are plenty of fantastic options out there.

For those eco-friendly Green NDers, The North Face “Women’s Denali Hoodie” provides not only warmth, but also a clear conscience. Made of materials that would have normally piled up in the trash, this jacket’s fabric, recycled Polartec 300 series fleece, is derived from 90 percent post-industrial waste and 10 percent post-consumer waste. Save yourself and the environment by bundling up in this multi-functional hoodie.

If price is a concern, Target’s “Merona Women’s Short Hooded Puffer” jacket comes in a variety of colors, compliments the feminine shape and is only $30. The teal, red and purple are especially flattering on any complexion and will light up Notre Dame’s dreary winter campus.

The last vital component of the Notre Dame Winter Survival Outfit is the scarf. Go nowhere without one. Winds here turn viciously violent, and unless you’re a fan of sporting the robber-like ski mask, a scarf will be your savior. Forever 21 is stocked with delightful selections, ranging in price from less than $5 to just over $10. Both American Eagle and the Gap have classic preppy styles and plenty of pretty patterns, like the “Soft floral scarf,” that will ensure you look good as you set out on the daily hike to class.

Don’t be caught without the essentials this winter. One look that will NOT be in is frostbite.