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Best of the blog world

Tess Civantos | Monday, December 7, 2009

I love blogs. There are two blogs I read every day and plenty more I read regularly. It’s so much fun to get life advice and laughs from people all over the world. Here are a few of the hilarious, uplifting, and generally awesome blogs out there:

1. ThePioneerWoman.com. Pioneer Woman’s real name is Ree Drummond. She was a city girl living in LA until she fell in love with a cattle rancher and real-life cowboy from Oklahoma. Now she’s a home-schooling mom of four who writes a hilarious blog about her crazy experiences as a ranch wife. She’s darn good at it too — she won Blogger of the Year for 2008 and her recently published cookbook hit No. 1 on the New York Times bestseller list. If you check out her blog, don’t miss the mouth-watering recipe section, the “Black Heels to Tractor Wheels” section that tells the adorable story of how she met her husband and the fantastic photography tutorials.

2. NieNieDialogues.com. Nie Nie, or Stephanie Nielson, didn’t used to be famous. She was just a normal stay-at-home mom, raising her four cute kids and madly in love with her husband. Her blog was unique because it celebrated her love for domesticity instead of griping about motherhood like many mommy blogs do. But she was still relatively unknown and happy to stay that way.

Then Stephanie bought her husband flying lessons for his birthday. And one day in August 2008, they were riding in a small plane with his flight instructor. And that plane crashed.
Stephanie spent two months in a coma, burned over 80 percent of her body. Her sisters took in her little kids who didn’t understand why they couldn’t see their mom. Today she is sadly scarred but overjoyed to be back home with her family. Her blog is beyond words. Want to see the triumph of the human spirit and the beauty of family and love? Nie Nie is the role model. Her amazing story has also gained national attention. She’s been on Oprah and The Today Show. And now she’s in the Notre Dame Observer.

If you’re looking to waste time and those blogs just don’t cut it for you, here are a few other Web sites I love:

MyLifeIsAverage.com. It’s so, so much better than FML.

SomeECards.com. You remember back when Facebook bumper stickers were cool? You remember those bumper stickers that had black-and-white pictures of people with some completely absurd caption? And they were always hilarious? This site is where those stickers came from.

StumbleUpon.com. This tool is addictive. You choose from a list of interests and it finds random sites that match your picks. Warning: It’s easy to spend hours “stumbling” so install with caution.

HassleMe.co.uk. You pick something you want to be “hassled” about and this Web site sends you random e-mails to remind you about it. Very useful.