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Grab and Go system unfair

Mitchell Myers | Monday, December 7, 2009

Grab and Go is flawed because we are overcharged for what we can get and it limits our choice on what food and the quantity of that food we can eat.

It takes a quick look at the Notre Dame food Web site and a few calculations to find that for each meal swipe we are charged $10.52. With each point costing $1.50, the seven points’ worth of food we get does not add up anywhere close to that. You could get this meal at the grocery store for a few dollars, yet we spend almost 11 dollars on it.

Not only that, but with the cost of attending this school, most of us don’t have money to throw around. Baylor University, which is 15 minutes away from my house, uses the system of filling a box with as much food from the regular dining hall as can fit for a Grab and Go meal, and both my sisters who went there really liked it, as did their friends. For more than 10 bucks, I’d like to be able to stuff as much food as I can into a box and save some for later.

Not only are we limited as to how much food we can take to go, but we have a set variety of food. Sure, the dining hall has a set variety of food as well, but that selection is much greater than that of Grab and Go. Also, being able to get our food to go from the dining hall would allow us to be able to select hot food, refrigerate it and heat it up later instead of being constricted to cold food.

Skinny people or those of us on diets who enjoy eating small amounts of monotonous food day-to-day may enjoy Grab and Go as it is, but I feel that a change is needed. I appreciate the fact that we have an alternate choice for when we don’t have time to sit down and eat, but a switch to packing a take-out box with a wider variety of food from the dining hall seems to be a much better way to feed students on the go.


Mitchell Myers


Keough Hall

Dec. 4