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Health advisory board proposed

Sarah Mervosh | Thursday, December 10, 2009

Student Senate recommended the creation of a health services advisory board and thanked security gate guards for their increased willingness to allow students access to campus in two resolutions passed at their final meeting of the semester Wednesday.

The resolution suggesting a health services advisory board was passed unanimously.

The proposed board would be comprised of members of Health Services and students appointed by the student body president.

It “would be a source for students to give their opinions or comments about how health services is running,” University Affairs chair Jeff Lakusta said.

The resolution said the goal of Health Services is to provide “competent, supportive, accessible and cost-effective health care services to minimize the interruptions in the academic life of students and provide a valuable medical resource for the campus.”

Since students are the primary recipients of the healthcare resources on campus, the University should seek the evaluation of students so that they can continue to improve their services, the resolution said.

Both students and Health Services employees expressed interest in the creation of the board.

“Numerous members of the student body have expressed an interest in providing input to University Health Services,” the resolution said. “The director of Health Services, Ms. Ann Kleva, has been extremely willing and eager to receive student feedback.”

Schmidt recognized the enthusiasm for such a resolution on part of both the University and student government.

“Health Services is very eager to see this happen and a recommendation from us will further it along,” student body president Grant Schmidt said.

Senate also passed a resolution thanking security gate officers for their efforts and for their willingness to meet with a student government representative.

The resolution recommended that security gate guards continue to understand and recognize legitimate reasons that students need access to campus.

The resolution passed in a 21-1-0 vote.

Schmidt said the resolution was representative of the student body’s concerns.

“This Student Senate has not passed that many resolutions,” he said. “This is one thing though that students have consistently asked about — that it’d be nice if the gate guard understood and had a little bit more leniency about letting students coming through.”

Schmidt also emphasized the power of resolutions.

“When you have the power of Student Senate, you’d be surprised that when Student Senate resolved that they’d like to see X, Y and Z happen, it’s taken into much more consideration,” he said.

Student body vice president Cynthia Weber concluded the meeting by thanking senators for their work this semester.

“Our committees have done really substantial work,” she said. “It really has been an extraordinarily successful year, primarily in the committee work and the discussions we had in Senate.”