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So-called discounts

Christopher Marquad | Thursday, December 3, 2009

 Imagine my surprise when I checked my email the Tuesday before Thanksgiving break to see that the Bookstore was holding student appreciation days. I thought my chance had finally come to receive a discount on namesake merchandise at the bookstore. Alas, my dreams were dashed after reading the fine print at the bottom only to learn that this phenomenal deal does not include books. To quote a friend, “The Bookstore practices amount to nothing less than usury” and to add to that, the Bookstore might as well be located in the seventh circle of hell. Side note: Bookstore price for Dante’s “Inferno:” $13, amazon.com price: $8.57. 

The outrageous prices the Bookstore charges are an enormous burden to all students and the amount of money printed in the Bookstore is shameful. If the Bookstore really appreciated students it would offer discounts on things they actually needed like books, calculators and computer hardware, software, and supplies (all of which are not items available for a discount). Sure it’s great to give me a discount on my Christmas shopping, but give me a break. The “discounts” at the Bookstore will hardly cut into the absurd profit margins the Bookstore makes and prices will still be higher than what a reasonable person would expect to pay.  Don’t slap me in the face with student appreciation that in no way shows appreciation for students by giving them deals on items they actually need.
Christopher Marquad
off campus
Nov. 24