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Ok Go releases video with ND Band

Amanda Gray | Thursday, January 14, 2010

The music group OK Go released the music video for their single “This Too Shall Pass,” featuring members of the Notre Dame Marching Band, on Jan. 12, according to the group’s Web site.

Members of the Notre Dame Marching Band were excited to see the finished version of the music video.

“Though we got to see an early version of the video after we were done filming, it was great to see the finished product,” sophomore and piccolo player Alice Harada said. “It’s a really creative idea and I’m glad it turned out as well as it did.”

Junior and trombonist Andrew Jones was also satisfied with the outcome.

“I have seen the finished video a few times, and I am very happy with it,” Jones said.  “I’m relieved to see that our days of work weren’t for nothing, and the video was even better than I expected.”

OK Go is known for its creative music videos filmed in a single take, including the popular “OK Go on Treadmills” for the song “Here It Goes Again.”

Drum major and senior Aaron Hernandez was satisfied with the final video.

“I thought it came out really well,” Hernandez said. “I’m pleased on how they edited it. They couldn’t edit the video a lot — because it was one continuous take — but the sound and the particular take that they chose I really enjoyed.”

Hernandez said the near week of production during last semester’s Fall Break was long and painstaking, but made bearable by friends.

“On Sunday (of Fall Break), just a few of us were in the field to figure out where to go. Monday started rehearsals,” Hernandez said. “Tuesday and Wednesday were figuring out what to do. The video wasn’t set – it was a different experience, creating it as we went along.”

Hernandez was part of the creative experience when they changed his role in the video.
“I was originally going to be on a ladder, but Damien (Kulash, the lead singer of OK Go) liked me going into the camera,” Hernandez said. “That decision was made on Wednesday. On Thursday we had over 20 takes. Despite all of that, being around friends was what made it fun.”

Harada also thought rehearsals were tedious.

“My favorite time was when we actually started going through the whole video and filming,” Harada said. “The early parts of the process seemed slow at times because there were a lot of details to figure out and a lot of time spent waiting, so getting to see all the planning come together when we filmed was exciting.”

“I really enjoyed working with the mix of people who took part in the video,” Theresa Gildner, junior and alto saxophone player, said. “I got to know some Band members I never had met before, and working with the elementary-aged kids was a lot of fun. Their enthusiasm for the whole project really added to the experience, especially toward the end when we were all tired after so many takes.”

“My favorite part of the production was being able to work with a Grammy-winning band and video team,” Jones said. “The members of OK Go were very approachable and fun to collaborate with.  After seeing the great work they have accomplished in the past, I wanted to be a part of any future projects they had in mind.”

Both Harada and Jones were Band members in bleachers. Gildner was one of the “gillies,” or individuals in green costumes.

“I actually was one of the people in the gilly suits, which turned out to be a lot of work since our part happened earlier in the video,” Gildner said. “So, we ended up rehearsing a little more, and doing more run throughs. Wearing the suit was definitely an interesting experience, although covering your face made it more difficult to play your instrument.”