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The Mobile Party apology

Colin Hofman, Lauren Rosemeyer and Jay Wade | Friday, January 15, 2010

We want to apologize for the offensive, distasteful and completely humorless joke that was made and acknowledge the grave error in its production. We cannot begin to express how apologetic we are for everyone who has been hurt by our comic and its implied message.
We do, however, believe that something positive can come from this ugly mistake and hope that we, as members of the Notre Dame community, can take this as an opportunity to readdress the complex issues surrounding homosexuality and its treatment on our campus. Intolerance of homosexuality is a major problem on Notre Dame’s campus. We tried to address it in our comics — using the tool characters to emphasize a mindset that we simply find ridiculous. In our last comic, we had the human character, our voice of reason, not understand the joke because of its absurd nature. Reasons, however, are not excuses. We consistently try to write comics that rely on shock value and now that we have gone too far, we realize that we have abused the privilege and responsibility of contributing to the Observer, and therefore, the Notre Dame community as a whole. This is not a joke that should have been made either in private or public. Poking fun at someone’s identity in such a discriminatory manner is not funny. We wholeheartedly apologize for our comic and are aware of and truly sorry for the hurt that it has caused.

Colin Hofman, Lauren Rosemeyer and Jay Wade
“The Mobile Party”
Jan. 15