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Bad romance

CARLY LANDON | Friday, February 12, 2010

It has often been noted that the relationships and interactions between members of the opposite sex are strained here on this campus.  People note unfair gender relations, segregation of dorms, parietals, the ring by spring and the infamous “Hook-up” culture we cultivate here at the Golden Dome, as just a few examples of these growing tensions.
In this midst of all this criticism, it is great to be reminded that romance isn’t dead.

Boys on campus will get girls numbers and text them, which is practically the love note of this century.  Members of the opposite sex will meet up at parties, and the occasional lunch-date occurs.  There are the infrequent Starbucks’ or Reckers’ meetings, and even the classy dorm date — just “chilling” in a dorm room. Nope, romance really isn’t dead. 

Life at Notre Dame must confirm it. Valentine’s Day is heading our way, and it will bring us the reassurance that love is alive and well. Thankfully, we don’t even have to go far as the dining hall will be hosting a romantic feast, sure to win you the girl or boy of your dreams.
Here’s a few ideas for how to meet that special someone.

Go up to that cutie from class. Last semester, a boy in class came up to me and asked if I wanted to hang out or get lunch or something.  I apologized saying I had a boyfriend.  To which he promptly responded with a sideways glance saying he had a girlfriend.  We haven’t talked since, but hey maybe it’ll work for you. I’ll cross my fingers.

An even better idea is utilizing the romantic setting of the Library to your advantage.  How could you not fall madly in love when surrounded by all those dusty books and hieroglyphics stenciled into the cubicles? On a recent visit, it was a night when I’d really thought chivalry must be dead.  But to my dismay, my knight in shining armor arrived, masked in a handsome grey hoodie. There I was, attempting to tackle a large pile of homework, and there he was: walking wistfully by, sitting at a nearby table dreamily tapping his fingers seductively, shaking his leg effortlessly, having his hood pulled up so I couldn’t see his face.  Anything he could do to pester me he would. It seemed to me to be his ultimate mission.  In the old days, annoyance led to attraction, and attraction led to instant marriage, just look at Romeo and Juliet. What an awesome plan. My cloaked suitor must have known.

For three hours, he sat there, without a book on his desk, just teasing me silently with his aggravating presences.  Finally, as I packed up to leave, he handed me a note and fled.  I didn’t get to see his face as his abundant confidence led him to flee, or more literally, run out of the Library.  But don’t worry, he gave me his number.

So this hooded figure, this Romeo-esque studier, Phantom of the Library and I have never met.  But believe me we are getting somewhere.  Somewhere so far we are embarking on a real life Notre Dame romance, all I have to do is text him and we are there.

 So this to all you other Domers: Romance truly isn’t gone. It is here and alive within this campus. It can be yours, just grab a date, take her or him to D.H. Apparently you can even walk up to a random girl and sparks will fly and a deep, meaningful relationship will bloom. Good luck!