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Bengal Bouts: Preliminaries, 155 pounds

Kevin Baldwin, Kaitlyn Murphy, Molly Sammon, Matt Robison, Chris Allen and Megan Finneran | Monday, February 15, 2010

Chris “The Situation” Losco def. Kyle “Serve Chilled” Bailey

The freshman Losco defeated the junior Bailey in an evenly-matched fight. Early in the first round, Bailey got Losco into a corner against the ropes. Despite his disadvantage in the first round, Losco came back looking more energetic in the second round, and carried that energy with him through the remainder of the round, tossing detrimental blows to the tiring Bailey. In the final round, Bailey was able to hold his ground with a few combination throws, but was unable to convince the judges he was the better boxer as they made a split decision in favor of Losco.

Andrew Bachinskas def. Steven Hollis

In what was a one-sided match for most of the bout, the senior Bachinskas was able to outlast Hollis as both fighters tired in the third round. Bachinskas was on the offensive for most of the fight, and two good shots to the sophomore’s head sealed the unanimous decision in Bachinskas’ favor.

William “Gary Meyers” Kemp def. Greg “Blackout” Cunningham

The senior Kemp used his height to his advantage as he defeated Cunningham by aiming for combination punches to the sophomore’s head. In the first round, Kemp led the fight, offering many powerful blows that weakened Cunningham substantially. In the second round, Cunningham came back a different boxer, full of energy and making up for the ground he lost in the first round. A powerful left hook from Cunningham in the third round led Kemp into the corner. In the end, Cunningham’s ability to put up a fight in the second and third rounds did not make up for the many points that Kemp got in the first round as the judges unanimously declared Kemp as the victor.

John “The Caucasian Asian” Crabtree def. Samuel Wengryn

After a first round in which both Crabtree and Wengryn got their fair amount of shots in, Crabtree took over in the second round. Despite law student Wengryn’s decided height advantage, the junior was able to land a steady dose of both head and body punches. With a wicked left hook the chin, Wengryn went down and Crabtree got the knockout.

Adam “Mad” Cowden “Disease” def, Eric Monzon

Cowden took an early lead over his fellow sophomore, a lead which he kept for the duration of the fight. Though Cowden brought Monzon to the ropes early in the first round, Monzon was able to escape before any crucial damage was done. Later in the round, Monzon started to tire and his throws were increasingly off target. The second round was particularly evenly matched as both Cowden and Monzon were able to get substantial blows to their opponents in before the bell rang. With 40 seconds left in the third round, Cowden served Monzon a series of combination punches that led the judges to decide unanimously that Cowden was the winner.

Kyle “No Name Just Game” Kober def. Greg “Pronounce This” Abbracciamento

Neither fighter laid claim to an advantage in the first round of this bout, but in the second round the freshman Kober landed multiple solid punches on the senior, which caused the fight to shift into Kober’s favor. After a good exchange in the third, Kober landed a vicious left right before the final bell and claimed the unanimous decision.