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Bengal Bouts: Preliminaries, 189 pounds

| Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bernardo “Blue” Garcia def. Matthew Reedy
The junior Garcia seemed to overpower the law student Reedy as the referee ended the fight five seconds into the 2nd round. Garcia strung together a number of resounding headshots and the fight was stopped a number of times in the first alone. Once the bell rang to start the second round, Garcia unleashed a furious combination, which spelled the end for Reedy.

Christopher “Stubs” Sarkis def. Reid “The Captain” Paape
Neither freshman showed a lack of experience, but Sarkis’s fierce tactics quickly revealed themselves. In the first round, Paape fought back, cornering Sarkis, but during the second round Sarkis showed no mercy, continuously connecting with Paape’s face and drawing blood. The match ended with a unanimous vote in favor of Sarkis.

Jim Hasson def. Joe “Boy Wonder” Garrity
Punches flew in this aggressive fight but the junior Hasson landed more en route to a unanimous victory over the sophomore Garrity. Both fighters seemed to have good endurance and neither suffered any visible injuries but the decisive factor in the bout was that Hasson’s punches landed more often and more consistently.

John Zivalich def. Christopher “The Jersey Devil” LaCosta
LaCosta’s experience as a sophomore quickly became apparent with his fighting style, but freshman Zivalich never hesitated to fight back. LaCosta started the second round by cornering Zivalich, but he easily slipped away and used his height to stay in the match. The final round played out fairly evenly, with both fighters coming out ready. In the end it was the rookie Zivalich who came out on top by a split decision.

Patrick “The Paddy” Handy def. Pat “Samuel L.” Jackson
The freshman Handy defeated the senior Jackson in this entertaining and lively bout. Handy had trouble early landing punches against Jackson, who kept a stronger and more balanced stance. Ultimately, though, Handy’s power prevailed as a strong right hook knocked down Jackson and allowed Handy to land thunderous headshots as he continued to a split decision victory.

Timothy Wallace def. Eric “Boybert” Herbert
Wallace came out aggressively in the first round, knocking Herbert down early. From there, he only continued to power over the younger Herbert. Wallace continued his control until the end, especially showing through in the final round. Despite a good slew of punches from Herbert, Wallace won the match by a unanimous vote.

Adam “The Sultan of Swing” Zaabel def. Ryan “I Listen to the E-Trade Baby” Landsberg
The sophomore Zaabel, a lefty, dominated this fight against the senior Landsberg en route to a unanimous victory. Zaabel compensated for a disadvantage in height with quick hands that landed a flurry of punches throughout all three rounds. As a result, he wailed consistently on Landsberg’s upper body and head and the outcome was never in question.

William “The Italian Stallion” Straccia def. Jonathan Baker
The first round began with neither side having an advantage, but toward the end Straccia began to take control with a series of shots to Baker’s face, drawing blood and ending the round exhibiting a clear advantage. Baker ended the second round with a series of powerful shots, but Straccia refused to back down in the third round and continued his powerful streak into the end, when he won by a unanimous decision.