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Bengal Bouts: Quarterfinals, 205 pounds

Tim Singler, Andrew Owens, Matt Robison, Kaitlyn Murphy, Megan Finneran, Molly Sammon and Chris Alle | Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Pat “Tigers Love Pepper, They Hate Cinnamon” Burns def. Francis “The Tank” Conway

The senior Burns and the sophomore Conway traded blows for the first two rounds, with both fighters displaying strong defensive skills while neither gained a significant advantage.

In the third round, Burns landed a number of head shots to the sophomore. When Conway appeared unable to defend himself one minute into the third round, the referee stopped the fight and awarded Burns the victory by technical knockout.

Jason Healy def. Christopher Orenchuk

Healy, a junior, used a defensive approach in the first round to outlast and defeat Orenchuck, a grad student.

Healy defended himself well and waited for Orenchuk to tire from his offensive strategy so he could secure the judges’ votes. 

In the second round, Orenchuk bounced back with more energy than before, but Healy remained unfazed by his opponent’s punches.

Healy unleashed his offensive strategy in the third round, displaying more energy than Orenchuk.The judges gave Healy the unanimous victory.

Luke Scullion def. Brian “Caesar” Salat

Scullion’s drastic height advantage proved the difference-maker in a battle of contrasting styles.

Scullion immediately delivered powerful blows to the freshman’s head that made him lose balance and accuracy.

Salat entered the ring a different boxer in the second round, aiming for the grad student Scullion’s body to weaken his opponent’s tendency to keep supplying detrimental punches to Salat’s head and face.

Scullion quickly got dizzier, almost losing his balance numerous times in the third round when Salat forced him against the ropes. Scullion won by split decision.

John “Papi” Tchoula def. Jeff “Devil Dog” Hsu

It only took 50 seconds for Tchoula to defeat grad student Hsu as the referee stopped the fight. Right from the beginning of the fight, Tchoula, a junior, established himself as the dominant boxer in the ring. For a few seconds, Hsu rushed Tchoula against the ropes, but Tchoula’s left hook quickly helped him out of it. Another left hook shot from Tchoula left Hsu unable to recover and the referee called the fight with 25 seconds left in the first round.