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Bengal Bouts: Quarterfinals, Heavyweight

Tim Singler, Andrew Owens, Matt Robison, Kaitlyn Murphy, Megan Finneran, Molly Sammon and Chris Alle | Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Will “At the Edge of Darkness” Burroughs def. Kyle Roque

Burroughs defeated Roque midway through the first round when the referee stopped the contest. In the first few seconds, freshman Roque found himself pinned against the ropes facing the law student, and was not able to pull himself away from Burroughs’ forceful throws. The referee stopped the contest with 45 seconds left in the first round.

David “Dutch” Stedman def. Matthew “Tiny” Tansey

Stedman, a senior, and Tansey looked evenly matched from the beginning of the fight, but all it took was one powerful throw from Stedman to knock the freshman Tansey to the ground and cause the referee to stop the fight.

Tansey led Stedman around the ring and often had Stedman pinned against the ropes, but Stedman’s powerful combination punches proved detrimental to Tansey’s ability to complete the fight. One extremely powerful hook from Stedman threw Tansey to the ground with four seconds left in the first round.

Kevin “The Long Beach Lunberjack” Crepeau def. Daniel “The Mega-Asian” Chen

Crepeau, a junior, defeated Chen in half the time of a normal fight as the referee deemed the fight over with 45 seconds left in the second round.

Crepeau came into the match with an offensive attitude that became apparent when he easily drove Chen into the ropes a few seconds into the first round. Chen bounced out before receiving any crucial damage and was able to return a few punches, but Crepeau’s quickness and agility in the ring did not allow Chen a shot at weakening him.

The break helped Chen reenergize to get back in the fight, but his inability to protect himself effectively gave Crepeau an opportunity to end the fight early with the same right hook shot Chen saw before. Halfway through the second round, the referee called the fight and Crepeau was named the victor.