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Is Fr. John listening?

Alicia Quiros | Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Recently, the St. Joseph County Council passed an ordinance, or a law, that requires companies to pay their workers at least a “poverty wage.” A poverty wage is to be calculated every year on March 1 and is to be used until the following March 1. For 2010, the poverty wage is $8.80 per hour. However, along with this law, the ordinance contains a “self- sufficiency wage.” While the ordinance does not require companies to pay their workers a self-sufficiency, or a living wage, this wage is the lowest income one could make without having to receive subsidies (such as food-stamps, etc) of any kind. The St. Joseph County Council determined this wage to be $12.90 per hour. Interestingly enough, few building service or food service workers at Notre Dame receive a self-sufficiency wage. In fact, most starting workers earn a mere $9.02 and hour, nearly $4 an hour under the guideline for a self-sufficiency wage. Is Fr. John listening to every member of the Notre Dame family? And if so, do families let some members wait in line for food stamps while others enjoy a healthy and balanced meal in the comfort of their homes and dorms?


Alicia Quiros
off campus
Feb. 15